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About Us


  • Dr. Robert Doerr.

  • Divorce mediation.

  • Mediation for families. 

  • Free 30 minute consultation 510-522-5598.

  • Serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Sessions In-person or by teleconference.

  • All ethnicities and LGBTQ welcome.

Certified Family Law Mediator

  • Family law training.

  • Conflict resolution.

  • Negotiation. 

  • Children and divorce.

  • Parenting and divorce.

  • Over 20 years experience.

PhD Humanistic Psychology

  • Child, adolescent, and adult development.

  • Family dynamics.

  • Divorce trauma.

  • Life changes.

Divorce Mediation

Our goals:

1. A divorce settlement that is fair and equitable.

2. All settlement issues resolved.


My role as mediator:

  • Maintain respectful, safe communication.

  • Navigate you through a divorce settlement.

  • Help you to identify your needs.

  • Help you to identify disagreements.

  • Help you to  resolve any disagreements.

  • Arrive at a settlement that is fair and equitable.

  • Finalize a Memorandum of Understanding that describes the settlement.

Examples of settlement topics:

  • You both must agree to a divorce.

  • Spousal support (alimony).

  • Child support.

  • Child custody.

  • Child visitation.

  • Children's ongoing well being.

  • Division of community property.

  • Division of financial assets

  • Pension and retirement benefits.

  • Tax considerations.

  • Pet custody.

The Role of Your Memorandum of Understanding

In California, because you agreed on all divorce settlement topics and have created a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), your case is classified as "Uncontested, with written agreement" (your MOU). If you have no minor children, you file your MOU with the court as part of finishing your divorce. If you have minor children, you must also file forms regarding child-related care. I recommend using a Document Preparer or attorney to do these forms. If needed, I can recommend a Document Preparer. 

Video, Learn More on Divorce Mediation

Family Mediation

Our goals:
1. To improve family communication.
2. To clarify and resolve disagreements.

My role as mediator:

  • Maintain respectful, safe communication.

  • Help family members to identity their needs.

  • Ensure that family members feel heard and understood.

  • Support the family in addressing concerns.

  • Finalize a Memorandum of Understanding to which the family can agree.

Examples of topics:

  • Parenting.

  • Child care.

  • Assets and property.

  • Wills and Trusts.

  • Estate inheritance.

  • Elder care.

  • Family roles.

  • Sibling relationships.

  • Family businesses.

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary settlement process that provides a win-win alternative to the adversarial court system. It is collaborative, issue-oriented, and practical. 

An impartial mediator helps the parties to clarify their disputes, to determine their needs and interests, to consider their settlement options, and to reach fair agreements. A signed Memorandum of Understanding is created as needed.

Mediation is effective even when conflict and anger are intense and communication has broken down.

Mediation gives participants more control over the process and the outcomes:

  • Can be more flexible than litigation.

  • Produces win-win mutually acceptable results.

  • Improves communication.

  • Reduces bitterness and distrust.

  • Is confidential.

  • Is less stressful than litigation.

  • Is more economical that litigation.

  • Is a relatively fast process compared to litigation.

  • Produces a higher settlement rate.


"I am so thankful to Dr. Doerr. Divorce is not just a legal process, it is an extremely emotional and painful separation. I looked around and found no other mediation firm that had an individual like Dr. Doerr. One who not only understands all legal requirements but also possess a PHD in Psychology which allowed him to understand and work with the strong emotions we brought to the the process. He has made an extremely difficult time in my life much better. I am so grateful for his compassion and diligence to the issues that affected our final agreement. Thank you again Dr. Doerr." Craig B., Livermore, CA.

"As stressful as this entire ordeal has been, Dr. Doerr had the ability to effectively navigate us through the disputes we were having with integrity and fairness. He is a seasoned mediator with a wealth of knowledge and is highly recommended. Kimberly T. Fremont.

“Surprisingly, both of us are attorneys. This alternative method was almost laser-like, resolving some major issues in two sessions.” Michael C., Albany, CA.

“He skillfully crafted a same-gender (gay) divorce memorandum of understanding. The child custody issue though tough was finally resolved. Fine job!” Tina J., Berkeley, CA.

"I needed a mediator and found him. He is amazing. He met with me and the other party and after several meetings, all was complete. He made me feel safe in dealing with the other person, who I felt threatened by, and he created emotional and physical safety for me. Once referred to the attorney who prepared the documents and filed with the Courts, the whole process took about 9 months. Mediation began late September and I received a Court judgment mid May of the next year. My heart is at peace. My mind is clear and I need not look back... only to refer others to him! A kind and thoughtful and professional person." Colette K., San Leandro, CA.

“We resolved ten issues in two sessions. The child custody and child support were skillfully mediated.” Thomas T. and Myrna T., Alameda, CA.

“My former partner and I saved a lot of heartache and money. Dr. Doerr’s psychology background really helped. Highly recommended.” Dr. Robert L., Oakland, CA.

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