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<!---- <div class=""video-container""> <div class=""text-center embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9"" style=""margin-bottom: 45px;""> <iframe src=""//fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/5s187uqxl5"" allowtransparency=""true"" scrolling=""no"" class=""wistia_embed"" name=""wistia_embed"" allowfullscreen=""allowfullscreen"" mozallowfullscreen=""mozallowfullscreen"" webkitallowfullscreen=""webkitallowfullscreen"" oallowfullscreen=""oallowfullscreen"" msallowfullscreen=""msallowfullscreen"" frameborder=""0""></iframe> <script src=""//fast.wistia.net/assets/external/E-v1.js"" async=""></script> </div> </div> --> <p>We believe anyone with the desire to settle disputes reasonably and equitably can reach a divorce settlement that is fair to all parties.</p> <p>I'm Dr. Bob Doerr, certified mediator and PhD psychologist. I have twenty years experience doing divorce mediation. <b> View my video below</b> to learn more about how we will work together.</p> <p><b>Choose <i>Services</i> from the menu above</b> for a full list of our services and client reviews. Also included are resources for coping with divorce. <b>For a free consultation</b>, contact me at (510) 522-5598. I look forward to hearing from you.</p>

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