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Watch this video introduction to divorce mediation from Dr. Robert Doerr, PhD psychologist and certified mediator.

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If you have questions or concerns you want to discuss, contact Dr. Doerr for a free telephone consultation at 510-522-5598, 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.


1. How does mediation work?
Mediation is a voluntary settlement process which provides a win-win alterative to the adversarial legal system. It is practical, informal and issue-oriented with collaborative problem solving.

An impartial mediator helps the parties clarify their disputes, determine their needs and interests, consider settlement options, and reach fair agreements. Written agreements are made when appropriate.

2. What are your qualifications?

Certification in Family Law, Conflict Resolution, and Divorce Mediation from The Northern California Mediation Center, 1977.

Ph.D in Humanistic Psychology from Saybrook University, San Francisco, 1978. Humanistic psychology is founded on the premise that each person is unique and should be accepted and respected for their individual qualities.

Twenty years as Director of East Bay Mediation Services serving the divorce needs of clients throughout the Bay Area. All ethnicities and LGBTQ are welcome.

Twenty years as Adjunct Professor of Psychology at several community colleges in the Bay Area,

Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal, 1966-1968.

3. Why is Mediation a Good Choice?

Participants have more control over the process and outcome.
It creates win-win results.
It is economical.
It is a relatively fast process compared to legal action.
It reduces bitterness and distrust.
It restores or improves communication. It produces a higher settlement rate
It is more flexible than litigation.
It is confidential.

4. What does mediation cost?

Anyone with the desire to settle disputes reasonably and equitably can reach an agreement that is fair to all parties. Mediation is effective even when conflict and anger are intense and communication has broken down. Fees are charged at an hourly rate. No retainer required. Reduced fees available for those who qualify.

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