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Contact Dr. Doerr for a free telephone consultation at 510-522-5598, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

We focus on:
Prenuptial agreements
Divorce settlements including custody and spousal support
Domestic partnership issues including custody and support
Family conflicts
Resolution of post-divorce issues
Business partnership disputes
Education issues, eg teacher-administration, teacher-student, etc.

Fees are charged at an hourly rate.
First half hour consultation is free.
No retainer required.
Reduced fees available for those who qualify.


Child Custody

Child Support

Spousal Support

Community Property - Real and Physical


Capital Gains/Rollovers

Mutual Debts and Liabilities

Division of Business

Pension and Retirement Benefits

Tax Considerations in Separation and Divorce

Health Insurance

Children's ongoing psychological welfare


“Dr. Doerr successfully reduced the overwhelm in our
divorce process. Very professional. Five stars!”
Bruce R. El Cerrito, Ca. 2015

“It was a very humane and creative process. We overcame potential road blocks smoothly.”
Ms. Gail W. Oakland,Ca. 2016

“We resolved ten issues in two sessions. The child
custody and child support were skillfully mediated.”
Thomas T. and Myrna T. Alameda,Ca. 2014

“My former partner and I saved a lot of heartache and
money. Dr. Doerr’s psychology background really helped. Highly recommended” Dr.Robert L
Oakland,Ca. 2015

“Our memorandum of understanding , as complex as it was ,has survived over the years. If you are willing to sit down and talk, his skills and style will get you through the process” Saul B. Livermore,Ca. 2010

“Surprisingly both of us are attorneys. This alternative
method was almost laser like resolving some major
issues in two sessions.” Michael C., Albany, Ca. 2011

“He skillfully crafted a same gender (gay)divorce M.O.U.. The child custody issue though tough was finally resolved. Fine job!” Tina J Berkeley, Ca. 2011


Oakland Tribune Article 2001

ROBERT D. DOERR, Ph.D., recalls taking a personality test and scoring highest in the trait of "fairness." Perhaps this innate impartiality was what drew the practicing psychotherapist to the growing field of mediation four years ago.

"I took an interest in having people come to agreement without having to go through legal hassles," says Doerr, director of East Bay Mediation Services. "People don't have to spend that money and get into nastiness and confrontation."

The mediator has seen contentious legal battles yield long- lasting, negative effects, especially when children are involved. Not that lawyers are the enemy, he says. In fact, many of his clients are referred by lawyers to resolve issues such as child custody and division of property during divorce.

Agreements reached through mediation, says Doerr, seem to net a true win-win feeling. For instance, he has helped couples think of ways to keep children in the family home and in their neighborhood schools while finding the non-custodial spouse enough money to purchase another home.

Doerr understands why clients cannot see equitable solutions when going through a divorce.

"The issues are very heart-connected. You don't want to let go of houses, children," he says.

A mediator doesn't tell his clients what the answers will be. Instead, he creates an atmosphere that allows people in conflict to come up with creative solutions. Doerr has received special training in negotiation, family law, conflict resolution and communication skills. His degrees in international mediation and psychology plus time spent in law school round out his resume.

"Mediation combines law and psychology," he says.

Going to a mediator, however, is not the same as seeking psychotherapy or counseling

Mediation is a voluntary settlement process which provides a win-win alternative to the adversarial legal system. It is practical, informal and issue-oriented with collaborative problem solving.

An impartial mediator helps the parties clarify their disputes, determine their needs and interests, consider settlement options, and reach fair agreements. Written agreements are made when appropriate.

Anyone with the desire to settle disputes reasonably and equitably can reach an agreement that is fair to all parties. Mediation is effective even when conflict and anger are intense and communication has broken down. Fees are charged at an hourly rate. No retainer required. Reduced fees available for those who qualify.

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